Golf – How To Get Backspin

- September 13, 2016



Check out : and
Trick tips about how to get Backspin … super easy to do
Location : Golf de boucherville (semi-private golf course)

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  • no one asked for your handicap guys and dunno why you're saying your age? The world doesn't care about your handicap on the internet!! You might have an internet handicap of 10 and an age of 13, but in reality that's just your personal best...

    ilybohoe - 55 months ago

  • sweet vid man

    CACMEX - 55 months ago

  • This tip helps..steep angle of attack i get ball first then divot and it checks up very well. I use Callaway HX Hot Plus and I get a lot of backspin

    Bennett Kisla - 56 months ago

  • That is not correct, you will not increase the spin just by increasing your angle of attack because 9/10 cases you will deloft the club when you are increasing your angle of attack. You need to increase the angle of attack but at the same time keep or increase the dynamic loft, don't deloft the club to much when you are hitting down on the ball, but obviously you need to have some forward shaftlean.

    qdE uä - 56 months ago

  • What ball did you use in this? Thank you

    mccoyconnor30 - 57 months ago

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