Golf – How To Get Backspin

- September 13, 2016



Check out : and
Trick tips about how to get Backspin … super easy to do
Location : Golf de boucherville (semi-private golf course)

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  • average 280 ... where i play we don't have much roll but like in hawaii my average is 300

    sunsetfilmhd - 53 months ago

  • hahahaha dude ! i hit down on the ball with deep divots but i always make low shot so dont tell me you only can hit flyers lol I always grip down on the ball so the ball stay low :) If you want to make a backspin contest i'm your men dude !

    sunsetfilmhd - 53 months ago

  • backspin is created by solid contact. Driving the ball down into the ground with deep divots causes flyers as well as way too much back spin and ballooning if you are hitting into any wind. Also, this is very bad for your wrists. My divots are very shallow, my attack angle is shallow, and I can still spin the ball.... and an appropriate amount, I would love to see him hit into a back pin. good luck.

    Ian Long - 53 months ago

  • Hitting fairways and GIRs are the key to low handicaps. Hit is close enough consistently... who needs a putter.

    Typhoontimmy - 53 months ago

  • how far can u hit the driver?????I'm 14 and i had hit the COBRA S3 women about 260!!

    Dat Phan - 54 months ago

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